GT 630 problem after few minutes in game

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw After 7-9 min in game I experience weird texture jumping (fro exampel santa hat from elydium hangar is changing size very quickly ).
After that game freeze. And if I kill game throught task menager my whole system starts to experience "driver stopped responding".
I tested it with every other game that I have and I only get this problem when I play Star Conflict.
What you expected to see No problem with displaying graphic after 10 min of game
Conditions in which error reproduce Get GT 630 4 GB and install any Nvidia Driver
Problem details Game makes my graphic card/her drivers - go crazy. I tried to set everything on low ,dsiable everything but still I can't play more than 10 min(even if I stay in hangar and don't do anything after 8-9 graphical bugs start to appear). And after that I need do close my computer for 10-15 min because my system can't see graphic card (error 0000002B - 43).
I never experienced something like that on GT 210 and before last two game updates.
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  


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21 hours ago, Kamil11101 said:

Hi ,here are logs from last two session of the game + screens with visible "graphic bug"


The log end up after screenshots immediately. Please give me same logs, but full.

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On 12/24/2019 at 11:27 AM, Kamil11101 said:

Here are logs:


Wrong data of logs. Screenshot from 23 dec, new logs from 21-22 dec.

Most probably, reason of issue is network problems

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