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  1. 1. What is the balance on the conquest in your opinion?

    • I vote for a change in matchmaking on the conquest and the introduction of an adequate balance for a more comfortable and interesting game.
    • I vote for the ban of some ships with exorbitant characteristics on the conquest to correct the balance.
    • I vote for the invariability of the current conquest, the balance is wonderful and I did not notice any defects in matchmaking.
    • I vote for improving the conquest by adding new, more diverse content.
    • I vote for the decline in the performance of certain ships spoiling the balance on the conquest.
    • I vote for the return to the conquest battles with 10-12 ranks.

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i read it all

i agree with the last one

but you're missing the biggest point, imbalanced player sides


the ships themselves literally have 0 problem and i have to ask you to elaborate on 'imbalance'.

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