Crystalline suppressor cant hit the target directly

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw most of times the projectile of crystalline suppressor explode at an distance of about 700m from the target (enemy or allies ) and deals no direct damage to target(and is hard to heal allies)
What you expected to see it should take effect like Main caliber. hit the target and then explode.
Conditions in which error reproduce most of the target have this problem
Problem details just like these screen shots
a stationary target will get dot damage(or heal) after about 2 seconds and no direct damage
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug always










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On 11/5/2019 at 3:58 PM, Skula1975 said:

"Crystalline suppressor" designed for make void zone, not for direct attack.

Not a bug.

make void zone in front of enemy to notice them dont go through it?


well..pretty useless and this module is pretty expensive

it spends me 5wgs

and its material worth more than 7wgs now

if it is not a bug.

i advise to make it can hit enemy and deal some damage then make an 'void zone'

pls dont make it usless than pyro emitter

thank u

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