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Disconnected after the dread battle, unable to login for few minutes

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw After sector conquest battle instead of seeing reward/loot screen we were kicked out of the game (the whole wing). We couldn't log back for several minutes, each try was ending in "Lost connection to server. Reason: Failed to connect." (see attachment)
I immediately traced the route to load balancer and dedicated server, no packet loss (results of both traces attached).
After about 5 minutes we were able to login back.
What you expected to see Loot screen and summary screen then back to hangar.
Conditions in which error reproduce We were doing sector conquest battle, when the battle was finished.
Problem details We were doing full wing sector conquest battle.
When the battle ended instead of loot screen we were taken back to the login screen with message "Lost connection to server. Reason: Failed to connect"
We were unable to login for about 5 minutes.
After that we were able to login and play normally.
Frequency of reproduction once
Time of bug 21:32 09-10-2019



Servers.png MTR to loadbalancer and

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