crystal neuron to translucent neuronet

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Hi all,


i miss any post warning fort the change of ressource needed for the upgrade of zeta. since one month, i start to collect on the market the nescessary ressource of crystal neuron (around 4000-4500 gs one)

i leave one week and when i start the game i discover that neuron is no longer available... and can be change in translucent neuronet but i need to invest 30 000 000 cr for doing that...


my post is just to be sure that i can do with the 4 cristal neuron i get... it represent for me 16000 gs a lot of ressource...

i try to sell it on market for 3200k not working atm....

may i try to farm 30 million cr for change it in neuronet? but it's for nothing cause neuron will no more exist...

can i hope that the cost of changing neuron to neuronet can be set to 0?


maybe i just have to accept that i put on trash 16000 gs?


if someone know a post that explicit the new change... it can help to not be fooled like that... cause my entousiasm is falling to zero at the moment....








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The removal of resources is always super hard on everyone.

They really do need to make it known at least a week in advance so that people can exchange them and make use of them before time runs out. It would definitely be a big push for the market as well.


I do believe you deserve compensation for this, but I'm not sure if you will be able to get it.

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