Fast swarm doesn't deal dmg

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw After launching swarm projectile (2.), the projectile hit enemy directly and exploded but too far away from him and doesn't deal damage.
What you expected to see Dealing damage everytime I hit the enemy.
Conditions in which error reproduce After clicking f, right after cooldown, ~5s between each shot (3,5s to swich out cloud mode and 1s cooldown after clicking f).
Problem details It sometimes deal damage sometimes not, it's easier to see on biggest ships like destroyer or frigate, but it is on every ship size.
Frequency of reproduction frequent
Time of bug 19:40-20:25

I can't send video and logs because I now have Max total size 0.27MB (probably because of some bugs), but I will send it tomorrow if it fixes.

Edit: I post it on google drive:

But I will post it here when max size bug fixes.

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I know, I mean the Projectile mode doesn't deal damage to enemies when I activates it quickly. I need to wait 2-3s before I shoot or there is ~50% chance that it won't do any damage.

I made a new video, but I still have bugged max files total size, so here is google drive link:

Time of bug: 13:07-13:11

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