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++ Petition to balance the PvE system according to the max. PvE difficulty levels ++

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I'll give this idea a green light. I'm used to playing Level 15 PvEs, but la-dee-da, along comes a player wielding a Katana S or another fairly strong ship, and hits Level 3 as his/her selection. My +200% bonus crumbled to a +25%, just to be safe and save on the price tag in case s/he crashes his/her ship! I mean, do you know how expensive Destroyer ammo are just for a single battle?! A Level 3 PvE will barely cut cover restocking costs, much less T5 module upgrades! Oh, and let's not talk about "those players" that set Level 1, then intentionally bail out of the battle to leave the other 3 with a Level 1 PvE in their hands.


Sorry for the aggressive "reasoning". Just put off by annoying players. But I'll give a thumbs-up on this proposal.

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