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Discord-BOT - Great functionality right on your server!

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Hello forum residents! Some time after launching our bot in Russian, we translated it for you!


In the current version there are a huge number of commands!

Here is a list of commands:

  • !commands - Displays a list of bot commands;
  • !info -Displays information about our service and future plans.
  • !drone [location] - Helps you find the closest drone to your current location. Displays a screenshot of the area with the drone, the name of the location and approximate coordinates.
  • !stat [nickname] -Displays game statistics of the pilot.
  • !ovstat [nickname] - Displays general and corporate data of the pilot.
  • !pvpstat [nickname] -Displays the PvP data of the pilot.
  • !pvestat [nickname] -Displays PvE pilot data.
  • !comp [nickname1] [nickname2] - Fully compares the statistics of the two pilots.
  • !pvpcomp [[nickname1] [nickname2] -Compares PvP stats of two pilots.
  • !pvecomp [nickname1] [nickname2] -Compares PvE stats of two pilots.
  • !ovcomp [nickname1] [nickname2] -Compares the оutside combat statistics of two pilots.
  • !coopcomp [nickname1] [nickname2] -Compares COOP stats of two pilots
  • !blogbot - Displays the latest entry with the update of the bot, as well as information for those interested in the development.
  • !loot [location] -It gives a complete list of modules, weapons and modifiers that can be obtained at this location.
  • !loot [ship] -It gives a list of locations and where you can find unique items ONLY for this ship and the list of items. Works on craft ships and craft rentals, as well as DLC ships that have PERSONALLY THEIR ITEMS, NOT SUITABLE FOR OTHER SHIPS.
  • !loot [resource] -Provides information about where a certain type of mineral falls from ordinary stones.
  • !craft [ship] -Displays a list of resources needed to build a specific ship.
  • !map -Displays an open world map.
  • !patch - Sends links to the official patchout and document with found undeclared changes.
  • !obinf - Sends a link to a google page containing information about the update that is not listed in the patchout.
  • !stream - Displays information about the near or reaching stream of our friends.
  • !eventsc  - Displays information about upcoming official events, persimmon events or friendly events.
  • !contacts - Displays information on responsible persons in bot development and corporate posts.
  • !error - Start a message with this command to send an error message.
  • !onserver - Sends instructions to add the bot to your server
  • !translate - Causes an error handler to report incorrect translation of commands.
  • !support - Your support is incredible help for us. This command will send instructions if you want to support our project.
  • !instruction - Sends instructions for using commands.

How to use the bot?

You can use it directly on our server -> in the "#флудильня" channel, find it in the participants block on our server and write to it in the LAN, or invite it to your server.


To make the bot work on your server, you must:

1) Follow the link

2) Choose the server you need from the list of servers available to you

3) Click "Add" and pass the test for the robot

4) After an invitation to the server, it is desirable to set up a special role for bots so that the bot can see your text channels and respond to them.


It is worth noting that this is our first such launch of the bot in English. Therefore, we carefully observe all possible errors and drops of the bot, so we will be grateful for your feedback! Please, if you find translation errors, report to this topic or with the help of a special command! We believe that together we can do a lot!

Bot provided by the corporation Xenomorph [XYRMA] for all pilots!:012j:

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We added an update in which we fixed the errors you sent! Thank you for helping us become better!

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