Different spec of weapon between Weapon system tab and Atlas

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Let's focus at rate of fire spec in both screenshot.


1. Kai








As we can see in both weapon system tab and Atlas, rate of fire is same, 90 rounds/min.

This is the correct one.



However the next two screenshots made me confused.




2. Plasma buster






As you can see, their rate of fire stats are different, one in weapon system says 600 rounds/min, but the other in Atlas says 90 rounds/min, even though I don't have any skill or passive module that increases gun's rate of fire. 

From my perspective, this situation seems like a bug, so this should be fixed.

However, if this is not a bug, please move this thread to somewhere else.



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45 minutes ago, Boczek121 said:


It's in workshop and storage and should be in atlas for no more such reports. Stats in atlas is only for 1 turret and without any effects from the ship (ship build, bonuses etc.)

If I was talking about dps, you are right, but I was talking about round per min.

There is no round per min increase in weapon itself and also, as I said, there is no skill or equipment that increases rpm.

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As u see, damage per shot for 1 gun in atlas and 12 guns on destroyer (counted 8) are similar. This means that Plasma Burster is firing as Coil Mortar (not all guns at the same time, but one after another). For these weapons the rate of fire increases depending on the number of weapons mounted on the ship, result is increased damage per second.


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