Normal words like "Kruassan" or "Atlassian" will flagged as Profanity and will be automatically reported!

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I have played SC with a player with the Username "Kruassan" - but during thank a "Kruassan" during battle to supporting me with heal in the chat these words are flagged and reported as Profanity without reasons?

I have entered "THX Kruassan for Heal" but was recognized as profanity without including profanity words


Can a wrong recognized word cause a ban?


Here is a screenshot attached of the message which is flagged as profanity without reasons:


My In-Game-Username is: ViRUS


Its in German but it says that these words are prohibited and a automatic report will be created and reported to the admins



TheDarkRedFox (Posted )

These "automatically generated reports" or whatever typically never result in action. It's mostly just to scare people in to not doing the thing again. Just do what I do when faced with an incorrectly blocked word and change a fewetters, or use symbols instead. Gets past the terrible filter and also makes the words look cooler. ;3 (just don't use this to get around the filter for actual bad words pls. I'm not telling you to break the rules I'm just telling you how to get around them when they're wrong.)
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