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I have a 7 moon race and I do not see painting wood. WHERE IS IT? WHAT IS TO K*RWA???

put the bloody finishing stage thing back to 120 i don't want to be wasting my day trying to get 150 xeno chips you've already made things unfair for free players by locking 90% of the rewards behind

Who the hell came to the conclusion that it's a good idea to match t3 with t5? ....

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Pilots! Starting October 24, the system for obtaining a premium license will change:

Premium licenses can no longer be purchased for galactic standards.

A premium license can still be purchased at the official game store.


Wait a minute, what… ?! Noooooo no no no this is a horrible idea for whatever reason. Please let us continue to purchase licenses with GS. It’ll do more harm than good if this is changed…

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Seriously guys, no new content but that???


Premium licenses can no longer be purchased for galactic standards.


RIP Star Conflict, the next step towards the grave!


Load yourself what better times think the player base is good, such as new content etc. with such a miserable attempt to squeeze the last little money from the people you shoot your own leg.

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This is absurd. In my currency I can buy license for 90 days CHEAPER without any discounts with GS than for 60 days on their website. It's over 50% price increase. WTF is that?

Considering the fact that one would buy GS on discount, then license on discount(let's ignore trade for a moment) this will be over 140% price increase for license. License is already extremely strong(100% credits and experience) and basically a mandatory thing to buy to get any reasonable progress in that game.

Instead of getting better, the game gets more absurd(price increase of mineral containers, repair cost increase, huge flat price for OS respawn, Ze'Ta requirements which enforce trading which is a free GS burn for Gaijin etc.).



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Well not much to say on this update as it is basically the unlocking of some of the 'early access' content.


Temple of Last Hope

This mission has gotten significantly worse since I last played it. Enemy EHP is far too high, healing is far too slow on the objective and the objective still has far too smaller health pool.

I'd advise against queueing for this mission unless you have high/maxed PvE levels.


Dream land

This sector is effectively the meat of the update - as now everyone has access to it and the associated progression boosts (of sorts).

Although I have some feedback there isn't much to run with as the sector hasn't been available to me for an extended period of time nor have I been documenting everything going on whilst I'm there.



The choice to have PvE mode enabled on the sector at all times seems poor as drops from Ai can be picked up by anyone unlike the rest of OS.

-Perhaps have PvE mode disabled (PvP sector) until Wood louse spawns in which it is globally enabled across all instances.

Elite protector units are far too tanky and spawn far too frequently when the Enclave base is extended/Wood louse is present.

-Lower the EHP of their bastion field and change how they repair Ai.

Often tasks will spawn which are impossible to complete due to missing objectives (No Wood louse spawn, Enclave base has reset)



The Allied base (empire outpost) appears to expand with player influence and the Enclave base appears to reset upon defeat of the Experimental Destroyer (Wood louse).

Contrary to my prior observation Food vans only have regular drops and use the Brokk's april fools skin with a fighter model and Interceptor explosive modifier.

All enemies have a chance to drop Monocrystals and Iridium - just very rare.

The credit bonus for Beacon captures seems to be bugged or based off the influence of the host of the instance (the first pilot to show up there).

There is a main weapon damage | hull shield resistance | active module parameter bonus which also seems to be tied to player Influence.

Pirate stashes exist in this sector

Mysterious containers do not

Wood Louse's tempest launcher missiles (torpedoes as discovered) can be shot down by AoE damage such as the Pyro emitter.

The Allied station with provide sensors for the surrounding area regardless of distance to it.

Wood Louse's tempest launcher missiles (torpedoes) can navigate obsticles.

There is a random chance for a "Hostile Mercenary" to spawn. Upon defeat these units will drop a container with over 1 million credits.


Bugs that require investigating

Hindenburg supercharge interaction with Custodian/Protective barrier


Other notes

The Plasmatron buff is far from what it needed.

The weapon requires a projectile speed increase, not a damage buff. The damage is fine.

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I don't understand the change on Plasmatron.


Why buff the damage, knowing the secondary outcome will be increasing the self Damage Portion?

That makes no sense if the weapon isn't enough popular for Custodian's Players.

The charging is long enough and the were Damage good enough if its users were properly placed.


Defence Algorythm is now just a worst version of any Multiphase Shield Adapter.

3 seconds more active time than a Multiphase Shield Adapter. That's all and still the Multiphase Shield Adapter with a proper implant have the merit to remove one negative effect (Mobility/Energy)

The Hull repair is clearly Bad. 2250 hull points in 8 seconds for a Guards with 20K Hull?

I don't see the point of the whole change.


Regarding the Protecting Barrier :



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Thank you for your feedback, a new thread will be opened soon™.

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