Spent credits for wazgot battle station, payed for the blueprint but when I try to manufacture it, I have to pay again for the blueprint!

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw I payed for the blueprint of the wazgot battle station
What you expected to see The ability to manufacture it
Conditions in which error reproduce I payed for the wazgot battle station blueprint, on the resources screen I still needed to manufacture some graphite plates or something, I cancelled to be sure how many should I manufacture, when I came back to the manufacture screen, the system requests to pay "again".
Problem details I've been saving money for my wazgot battle station, and now It's gone!
Frequency of reproduction once
Time of bug  


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Most probably your UI didn't refresh after return to battle station craft window.

We can't to repeat it. 

At next time, if repeated, try to refresh UI. Fo example, you can relogin to te game.

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