Better Explosions

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Sure a large detonation when getting hit by a huge missile is great, but when there is just minor critical damage all over the ship, I think destruction should behave differently.


Maybe explosions that deal way more than the required damage to destroy the ship should cause an explosion, but things like primary weapons and low damage things should cause a sort of cascaded failure. The ship should just become completely stunned for a second or two, then start to flame up and have little explosions across it before it finally detonates. And some ships should just kind of "die" and not explode at all. Or just not cause a standard size explosion.


Dynamic deaths would just be a lot cooler than the standard "one size fits all" explosions that we have now.


When ships are very close to death, like <10% durability, they should show smoke trails or even fire on the hull or engines etc. Sparks flying to show that they're almost dead. That would be epic.

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