bugged or stupid  

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  1. 1. so do you think the quest is bugged or am i doing something wrong?

    • the quest is bugged, devs need to fix it.
    • try forever to get 50 kills yourself
    • im an idiot and doing something wrong

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     This particular quest ive completed 3 times now, as the quest says either destroy or help to destroy 50 enemy ships on the quest. the first time i did it with 26 kills 20 assists and 4 buff assists, i figured when this didnt proc the completion of the quest that maybe buff assists didnt count towards thegoal. so i tried again got 27 kills and 26 assists, i figured okay maybe its bugged on this one difficulty, so i upped the difficulty did it on lvl 10 and still no completion, im pretty sure this is bugged.


on a side note, in the quest on the second wave of the three waves, your objective is to capture the three beacons, however when the mission starts beacon a is already captured at mission start, also another bug. what im not sure of is if these two things are linked, and the bugged mission is causing a bugged quest.

thanks for reading.



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