Failed to launch into Open Space, iridium charged nonetheless

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1. Description of the problem, what happened.
I tried to launch into Open Space -twice- but I received a time-out error message and failed to launch.
Yet the game still charged the 2 iridium for each jump and I would like my iridium back, please (4 units).
2. What did you expected to happen.
I expected the game to jump me into the sector I was trying to jump to (Abandoned Outpost).
3. The conditions during the situation.
I was in the Station New Eden hangar, ready to launch in my Tyrant.
4. Further details on the issue.
I clicked OK on the dialogs that popped up (see screenshots), tried to launch again and it failed. That's pretty much it.
5. Frequency of occurrence.
It happened twice in a row.
6. Logs + screenshots:

All attached.

7. Time when it happened
16:48:11 CLST (Chile Summer Time).
8. Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag)


DxDiag attached.


That is all. When can I expect my iridium back, please?







Logs and DxDiag.zip

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