Engineers get no points for doing their job.

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Engineers no longer get rewarded with objective points for playing their part in teams, repairing hull points (both with modules and Eclipse Launchers) and restoring shields.
What you expected to see Respect for the team players that save lives and keep teammates alive so they in turn can be able to do their jobs.
Conditions in which error reproduce Whenever you launch a PVE mission, regardless of time & map.
Problem details In PVE missions, playing as an Engineer; using Eclipse Launchers and Engineer active modules -- on friendlies -- that restore hull and shield points yield no objective points in the match as they do in both PVP and CO-OP matches.
Occurs only in PVE missions. PVP and CO-OP matches reward players as per usual.
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  

PS: I am attaching game logs in which 18:56 - 19:19 I was playing as Engineer in a PVE mission, in which I use the Eclipse Launcher and active modules to restore my teammate's shields & hull points.





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