Level up to 21 problem Maniac Medal

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I got the Maniac Medal playing Tyrant and Wolfhound. 

My medal count did not increase, and the Level up count also did not increase.

A previous game i played Tyrant only, and medal count or Level up did not increase.


On another game i played Spike and Waz'Got and got the medal, both medal count and Level up count increased.


Seems that you also have to win the match to get the level up count? Both times I did not get the increase we lost the match. 

The mission states: Get 3 medals 'Maniac' on ships of rank 14 or higher.









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I only got the 'Maniac' medal confirmed if I won the match, not lose it. I'm not sure if it's related or not.


If this is true, then the description should state that you need to win a match as well.

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