NY18 Fire rate issues

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I obtained the new NY18 flying saucer a couple of days ago. Leveled it up to Rank 10 as of now.

It is a lovely ship, very unique design and mechanics.


However there are a few issues pertaining to the weapons. More specifically the Coil Mortar kinetic weapon, and the Dag'ninth Launcher EM weapon.


The fire rate on these weapons are substantially lower than what is listed on the weapon stats.

For instance, I tested a Coil Mortar 12 on both NY18 and Crus S (Rank 9 Guard).


On Crus S, only the Coil Mortar 12 is equipped, with the stats showing "84 rounds per sec".

On the NY18, I equipped two Iridium Heatsink 13 (one blue one green) and Vanadium Shell ammo to boost the firerate. The weapon display says "108 rounds per sec".

But when tested, the actual fire rate can barely match Crus S' fire rate of 84 rounds per sec, even when I aim directly upwards to allow all 4 top-mounted turrets to open fire.


The same issue occurs on Dag'ninth Launchers as well.


My theory is that this is due to the NY18 having 6 turrets in total but has only a max of 4 firing at any given moment, thus reducing the fire rate to 2/3 of the listed value.

This wouldn't be an issue for weapons such as Heavy Blasters or Positron Cannon or Mass Driver, since all of these fire all turrets simultaneously.

But on Coil and Dag'ninth where each turret fire in turn, the fire rate is greatly crippled.


Please help fix this issue as soon as possible. It wouldn't be ideal to eliminate these 2 weapons from the "useable weapon" list on NY18.


Many thanks!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!





It would also be a great idea to slightly buff the resistance, speed, etc, as well as giving us the option to customize what slots we want on the NY18 saucer.

The concept is fantastic, but if I need to sink 275 monocrystals + 20 million credits + 15 million synergy into a single ship, I would expect more.


Perhaps new unique modules/weapons in the future?

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the issue is caused by having guns in the dead zone, afraid to say that you just have to deal for now

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17 hours ago, SoulDeliverer said:

Those weapons have a limited firing arc. Use something else.

The weapon themselves can fire in any direction, but the fire rate is spread out among all 6 turrets.

BUT only 4 out of the 6 can actually fire, thereby rendering the fire rate significantly lower.

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