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Hey pilots,
I am making competition. Competition will be set on 28.12.2017, custom battle free for all, last man standing will win a price.


Rules of competition:
1. multiple matches 10 people in a game (1v1) - Depend of amount of players but it can be 1v1 on one map for 4 groups in each corner of the map.
2. No destroyers - (only if all players in that match will have the same rank and from same fractions).
3. All players in the match have to have exact same ranks so it will be fair (if possible all have the same ship).
4. After you will die  you will leave match, only the last player in that match will stay for the results (if they will die at the same time winner is who will be last in kill log, from each duel)



-7 days premium

- Back Hort  (Premium Rank 3 command)


Requirements for joining competition:

- CRS members have automatically.

- other corporations or other players will have to sign up to: misajurik   (me)



13:00 (UTC) - XX.XX (Depend on number of players)



Youtube Triller

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