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Missing Deathblow icon and missing or invalid entity name


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Bug report: (Waz'Got)


What happened?

Some module effect is missing, because it's just listed with a red cross mark.

Proper weapon or module name label is also missing. This weapon or module is affected on all existing rank ranges.


What should happen?

There should be a proper HUD icon displayed in the Deathblow screen, along with a proper weapon or special/module name.


How to replicate this bug?

- Equip the Waz'Got with Station Protection disabled in Open Space.

- Undock with a friend that becomes a neutral target after he or she is disbanded from a group.

- If there are issues what module/special module or a weapon needs to be equipped, please, check the Logs.


Screenshot: (Unknown effect, along with a missing HUD icon.)



Logs: (Check time stamps around 23:15 or 11:15 PM when it happened.)

2017.09.29 23.06.35.zip

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