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'Waz'Got battle station' blueprint - Wrong rank range displayed!


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Bug report: (Waz'Got)



What happened?

While testing Waz'Got Public Test update, I found that 'Waz'Got battle station' blueprint rank range is incorrectly written and displayed on the blueprint.

Required Rank range for the blueprint, the correct one, is Rank 13-15. Blueprint shows Rank range 12-15, which is an incorrect one!


What should happen?

Blueprint should show Rank range of 13-15 instead of 12-15.


Screenshots: Waz'Got battle station - Rank 13-15 (correct Rank range)



The Blueprint Rank range is incorrect - R12-15 instead of R13-15.



The blueprint notification in hangar, is showing incorrect Rank information as well - R12-15 instead of R13-15.




2017.09.29 15.58.58.zip

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