Add numerical counter to the Wing Interface!

Add numerical counter to the Wing Interface!  

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When creating a Wing in Spec Ops, it's often annoying to scroll down to count down your members.

Usually, sometimes the Wing Interface will reset or scroll up on its own.


The best option would be to add a numerical counter on the top of the Wing interface for Spec Ops.


Screenshots: (Current number of players should be displayed on both screenshots.




Optional 1:

When you reach 10, 11 or 12 members, there should also be a (green light - signal) that becomes active, indicating that you can start a match.


Optional 2: (If someone slotted or equipped a rank 15 ship, such information should be visible, so that all players also slot one rank 15 ship. This would save some time.)

Green light or signal could also be tied to this condition.

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7 hours ago, AKmatiAK said:

It's other way to do it, you can check it in find pilots.

Even the Pilot application is missing this info. It should be added there as well.

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