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Project 'Saros Cycle' poll

Project 'Saros Cycle' contingency  

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  1. 1. Should we invest in the Project 'Saros Cycle' contingency plan?

    • I strongly disagree with this idea, it's horrible, you are an imbecile!
    • I disagree with this idea, it is stupid/bad.
    • My opinion on this idea is balanced, it's ehh/ok
    • I agree with this idea, it's good/Tony The Tiger.
    • I strongly agree with this idea, Ellydium needs a high-five in the face with a chair, and this seems like that chair.

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This poll corresponds to the Project 'Saros Cycle' post in the Community Events section.


To view the Project 'Saros Cycle' post, use the link provided below.


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