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This index categorizes the available community created guides so that you can find answers faster to the questions that matter most.  If you want to submit your guide to this index, please reply with a link to your forums post.  If you've created a guide listed below, please review the guide, then make updates as necessary.  I will go over the guides listed to validate if the information provided within works with the current version of Star Conflict.



The Basics

  1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to Star Conflict
  2. Hellcat5's Guide to Star Conflict
  3. How To Not Be A Noo*
  4. general information about Implant or Crew interface
  5. The Guide for all new players and average pilots. From Ranks 1-15.
  6. [SYNERGY] How to rank up on the synergy system.
  7. Guide to Star Conflict (W.I.P.)
  8. I'm a beginner: better read this
  9. One piece of advice to those starting out.
  10. Video Guides
  11. Biggest mistake when trying to sneak up on someone
  12. Newbie Guide
  13. Star Conflict Guides aimed at Novice Players
  14. Guide: How to make Fast Credits - 1 Mil/H average



  1. Positioning
  2. Tactical maneuvers
  3. Side-thrusting during turns
  4. Critical chance vs critical damage
  5. Counter Picking Guide
  6. Intermediate to Seasoned Player Guide (Community Input Required: Add your Knowledge!)
  7. Guide: How to calculate % chance to win based on ship composition


User Interface

  1. Warning signs
  2. Don't forget to turn that free view mouse sensitivity up, boyos.


Steam Client

  1. Steam's Launch Options!


Trade / Economy

  1. Guide to ‘Trade System’
  2. [ECONOMY] Trading System
  3. The GS Handbook
  4. [ECONOMY] Tips on game economy and progression



  1. How to improve Windows and Game performance (for expert users)


Hardware Configurations

  1. [Guide] Star Conflict & The Logitech G Series || Command List File || Setup Guide


Special Ops

  1. Guide for SO



  1. [ECM] How to ECM (in tournament)




Ship Guides - Destroyers (NOTE: should be moved to under sub-topic - Ships)

  1. [ECONOMY] Required resources for all Secret Project ships and Destroyers.
  2. [Guide] For Crafting or Farming Materials For The Destroyers


Ship Guides - Dreadnought (NOTE: should be moved to under sub-topic - Ships)

  1. THE DREADNOUGHT PRIMER - How To Dreadnoughts!


Ship Guides - Long Range Frigate (NOTE: should be moved to under sub-topic - Ships)

  1. The LRF Handbook


Ship Guides - Thar'ga (NOTE: should be moved to under sub-topic - Ships)

  1. Thar'Ga Setups.
  2. [ECONOMY] Thar'Ga Research Tree Showcase


Ship Guides - Tai'kin (NOTE: should be moved to under sub-topic - Ships)

  1. [ECONOMY] Tai'Kin Research Tree Showcase


Ship Guides - Premium (NOTE: should be moved to under sub-topic - Ships)

  1. Reaper/Phoenix Broker mission guide


Ship Guides - Secret Projects (NOTE: should be moved to under sub-topic - Ships)

  1. Strongest Ronin ever

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