Developer Blog from July 6: A Look to the Future

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On 6.7.2017 at 4:45 PM, TheDarkRedFox said:


Also I've been waiting for my pirate ships to get special stuff for ages..

:00::B10:   .. me, too mee, too. Sometimes I dream of more wilder custom builds, pirate style, like one if the standard destroyers specialized/customized/piratized in appearance and in some functionality (not calling for op stuff here, defny not!) Or a merger of standard with a little crystall-growth.. hehe :018:


The Empire's Next Move: Vigilant  :good:


Large-scale Fleet Upgrade: massive upgrade :good: (don't forget the pirate ships!)


Next Generation Battles: Background MatchMaking (bMM) :good:


Join Test Pilots! : Windowse only (but its o.k.)










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