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8 minutes ago, niripas said:

How to win in SCL most of the times: take a group of 5 random people. Equip them with the green stuff. No TS needed. Result?




3x mk4 R15 talkins with above average players + 2x mk4 thargas




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Yeah the league games, even the random group I had did beacon rushing in random ships, we actually won a few times because we were playing other randoms.


When we came across a full NASA squad we lost, and if this isn't an indication idk what is, there were ZERO non-special ships in their squad. Only craftable, premium and alien. Though they didn't use Tai'kin spam, so that's a plus. Sure they could have won with normal ships, but obviously there is a preference for premiums and craftable these days, and wonder why people complain when they find out how long it takes to get a load of these craftable things when you don't already have tons of ships, bonuses, resources and weren't there during the event where resources are 10x easier (or were, but couldn't participate because of requirements)


As for doing it 2 years ago, yes, there were not so many special ships flying around back then, but you could probably counter it a little better. With Tai'kin, they blow up destroyers and frigate using green balls, and are too fast to be hit by other things. They also could have better mobility since they don't have to wait for a microwarp ( lots of small teleports vs one big warp)


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