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Chat banned for 4 days?

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What about, this time? It's difficult to know which infraction you've committed if you're not given a reason. I was also previously banned for 1 hour, the reason for which was?

Can you please quote the lines for which the infractions were given, with time/date stamps (actually, logs would be preferred due to context)? Also, in the interests of transparency and full disclosure, to rule out a conflict of interest, the name and corp of the moderator? Unfortunately, the links on your arbitration page do not function, and those which do claim they are not responsible for these issues. Ah, they're 'arbitrary', I get it. ;o

Re: My 10 day forum ban - Given 3 points which will never expire.

Can you please cite the content for which the infractions were given? With a detailed explanation as to how each violates the rule mentioned, especially 3.2 and 3.6.

I understand you don't discuss moderator action vs. other accounts, but can you explain why I was infractioned yet again as I was 3 years ago, for being rhetorically harassed by your own moderators of a certain corporation, while they were not?

Also: I'm still waiting on a response to an appeal about an error in one of my infractions about anti-Russian comments, which is untrue. That has been pending for 3 weeks with no response, despite 2 separate follow-up attempts.



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