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I'm extremely curious about why you guys hate asp.net that bad. I mean, all your arguments are quite outdated.

What's wrong with it ? Some real arguments needed here. 


All the "bad designed" stuff has been fixed by now,  It's open source ; works on all platform (Yep, not windows only) ; faster then most languages ; well designed/organized (again, try the newer versions) ; works well for both small and big fat projects ; ... What could possibly go wrong ?

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cool to hear, it has developed, to be honest, i did miss the cross platform release.

but other languages did that too ;)  even php evolved...

there are no outdated arguments, only lobby arguments. as software engineer, if asp.net seems the best choice for some solution, it shall be that, professionally speaking. if you say, asp.net is now ready to replace python for me as the all-in-one-wonder for medium to large scale projects that begin with a script, go fish. then i just hear "I want to do everything in C#", all too human tho, i also want to do everything in python very often. but an interpreter language e.g. does have it's clear use cases... especially small internet services.

Where I can sympathize, as C# is indeed cool for standalone clients. I mean, dotnet we can argue about in specific areas, but it is pretty neat for writing apps.

But otherwise, lets be real, it was kind of forced to go more open, to survive, not just out of good will and best practice...  and lets not forget, if they would not have been busy fighting on browser marketshare, maybe they could have even fixed js before it became too late, and we could have avoided flash and silverlight.

I am pretty sure, for you, it's easy, if you already have lots of projects in it - same as for me it is actually 5 minutes to create a django project, make a view which returns the template and data, virtualenv on server and push it to git and hit deploy... for someone living in java land however, he probably would not understand, why you cant just tomcat-jsp-gwt, and have the extra time eclipse saves by coding for you to make a button which deploys straight out of eclipse, or finishing writing all getters and setters...

at least no one suggested ruby on rails.

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I like this layout for mobile, good idea.  ;) a like for you :3


On 6/4/2017 at 3:59 PM, Swifter43021 said:

Let's be honest. JS sucks. If there are so many "layers" that compile into JS, instead of using plain JS, it's because of this.

When we are using a free third-parts server, server processing are also limited because is considered that the server processor is used at the same time by many people. (It's best to use the server-side language only when it's necessary)

So to speed up processing, in these cases, it's best to use the client processor with the JS.


Why html, css, js and php?

Because it is easily accessible from any device with a browser that is connected to a WAN.


On 5/4/2017 at 8:56 PM, John161 said:

Funfact: The italy tools has the same problem...

I kind of fixed it now but it shouldn't behave like that.

We deliberately left the value with the digits after the comma because, in my opinion, is an anomaly in the starconflict database when it supplies this value in this way. This number multiplied by 100 should always give an integer. Because we can not have a 0.9 of a ship.



For to quickly remember some information about these types of languages I like to use W3Schools :3

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On 4/21/2017 at 8:48 PM, ITalianBadBoy said:

I like this layout for mobile, good idea.  ;)


I just wanted to make smth plain simple that works everywhere.


Thanks to the SC Team for fixing the https access to the web api. The Github Domain now works again without the browser blocking the requests and you don't have to rely on my router and busybox httpd.

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1 minute ago, MightyHoot said:

Ah you as lazy as me :D Deaths should have colors swapped. 

Also Dmg/min would be better and there is no kill/min...


I have DPS since DPS is more common, Death color was already swapped when I uploaded the Screenshot, it was just not on the server, and for kill/min, maybe I will add it.

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