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Trade testing

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Cryptogram AIIF24-121547
From: United Mercenary Centre
Subject: Secondary market of valuable resources and parts

Pilots! UMC launches a secondary market for sale of valuable resources and components on a separate test server for all pilots. Now all pilots can put up for sale or purchase some very valuable resources and ship components.

Let's stand together in difficult times!

UMC Administration

Trading between players is conducted through a separate trading chat and internal mail.

  • All products have a minimum and maximum price limit. At the moment it's 100 and 10000 GS respectively.
  • Trade and shipping of items to other players is available after participating in 1 battle.
  • In trade chat pilots agree on the sale or purchase of resources.
  •  The seller can post a chat offer to sell his tradeable resources.
  •  The buyer has to click the right mouse button on the seller and select trade mode in chat.


  • The buyer sends a letter to the seller through internal mail saying that he is interested in buying resources.
  • If the buyer and the seller agree on a price for the resource, the seller shall send the buyer an internal mail message with an embedded resource
  • The buyer may reject the letter received from the seller or accept the resources. The amount is automatically deducted from the buyer's account.


  • All payments are only in Galactic Standards.
  • UMC takes a percentage from each transaction.

Our Guide for Trade System will help you out if something ;)


Public test server
Testing of the trade system will be held on the public test servers of Star Conflict.
Public test server is completely independent from live game servers where updates are uploaded for mass testing.
Instructions on how to connect to the public test server can be found here.

Mass testing schedule:
Public Test server is running for a limited time. The server is only meant for testing updates scheduled for live deployment.

  • Friday: 18:00 MSK - 22:00 MSK
  • Saturday: 18:00 MSK - 22:00 MSK
  • Sunday: 18:00 MSK - 22:00 MSK

Attention! The accounts for public test server will receive a bonus, which will help in mastering the trade. To do this, you need to sync accounts no later than 15:00 UTC.
However, the reward for the fight generously endows you with iridium, so in case of its shortage, just fly into battle!

Contest ‘Bug hunt’!

Each correct bug report in trade system or in Eng translation will be rewarded. Simply start a thread following this pattern in the right section
It's simple:

  • Describe your bug as detailed as possible and follow the form
  • In the bug can be reproduced by the developers, the author will receive 50 xenocrystals!

Rewards will be supplied after the end of the mass testing.
Good hunting!

Star Conflict Team

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