Destroyers should be hard to kill but easy to disable  

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  1. 1. Should destroyers be hard to kill and easy to be disabled (modules, functions, radar, implant gain, main weapons, etc) as a means against over multiplayer power in battles and as a remedy for better survivability in open space?(PvP)

    • Yes -- big ships like destroyers are a huge mass to deal with. In disabled state they are no threat: no longer beacon denial capable. In open space they survive longer, which I like.
    • No -- I like the idea that the biggest ships, destroyers, should be able to be killed by single pilots in the weakest and smallest ships (1v1 principle). I do not care about their survivability in open space.
    • I am undecided.

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Guys I would like to introduce an idea to be fit to please fast game play lovers (1v1 destroyers with interceptors) and destroyer lovers.


Thesis #1: Its better if destroyers were hard to be killed/blown up in general but be easy to be disabled, in part or in total, rendering them inactive masses in space battles. This would make them useful in open space missions (survivability against aliens is a must!) and would prevent destroyers to be op  (that is over poweredness) in battles like PvP aka skirmish.

Thesis #2: The destruction of destroyer modules should result in mild hull damage. If the destroyer loses its shield, the destroyer will suffer damage TO THE MODULES, resulting in temporarely knockout of functions, modules and main-weapons. Additionally players should be able to lock on to modules as targets, selectively (which is the case with the big ship in PvE mission 'Fire Support').

Thesis #3: Destroyers will be able to ram each other, dealing quite a damage proportional to the ship size and speed (small ships get hit hard). In reverse, other ships also damage the destroyer by ramming it, leaving interceptors and fighters to kamikaze boom expolsions (death and respawn) and frigates to a certain chance to survive (depending on build)! That would be really nice new game options (think of kamikaze alien ships). Plasma blade interceptors must be careful, a ramm would cause them damage making the interceptor explode like suicide kamikaze (that would be ineffective/sub-optimal)!!!

Thesis #4:  Destroyers need a special dock, only fit to take one destroyer into battle. This is a 5th dock on left side of hangar with special crew and all but only for destroyers. Leaving this dock empty means for match maker: player wants OLD SCHOOL battles (PvP)! That would be super!!


O.k. ladies and gentlemen, please comment what you think, please have your say! Thank you! :)

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I am fine with destroyers being as tanky as they were on realease. But only if you cut their main weapon damage in half and reduce their range furthermore.

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