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Contest 'Cards for Everything and Everything in Cards'

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Cards for Everything and Everything in Cards!

Mercenaries! Today we invite you to rest from battles and take a part in the competition to create fun cards, like for card game playing, related to Star Conflict Universe. Card basis can be invented by yourselves or borrowed, most importantly - located content should be your own and funny!


Terms and regulations:

  • The contest starts on January 27 and ends on February 10
  • The results will be declared on February 15
  • One pilots can do unlimited amount of works, but can take only one prize
  • Card, made with one basis, should be posted in one post. 
  • Funny lines and refferences to the real people from the game, developers included, are allowed
  • Your work should be your own and follow Forum Rules and ingame Code fo conduct;

Special thread for Cards ( any other messages will be removed )


  • 1 place – 100 xenocrystalls
  • 2 place – 80 xenocrystalls
  • 3 place – 60 xenocrystalls

And there will be 10 more winners, each will get a pack of 20 xenocrystalls.

Be unique and create something new and original! :) 

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The time has come to pick up true card masters! All works were great and we appreciate the fun you gave us these weeks :) Here are the best: 

  • First place - Swifter43021 - 100 xenocrystalls  
  • Second place - TheDarkRedFox - 80 xenocrystalls  
  • Third place - xKostyan - 60 xenocrystalls  

And of course 10 additional prizes for 10 more pilots: ORCA1911, Mutsami, JasanQuinn, PapyMcBites, Parabelliume,  HopyOne, xXThunderFlameXx,  Avarshina,  Kilrathikiller, JCNB

Thanks everyone for participating! See you in space!

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