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Dear community,


The killboard development as moved forward the next steps! Here what's have been added this last week:

- Fixed  :   Parser, SentryDrones was originally considered as a ship because it is in the game, however it's not smart and I changed this as a part of the Participant damage and weapon.

- Added :  Corporations details page, corp logo, kills, loss, known active pilots, efficiency, kill / loss pages

- Added :  Pilot details page, corp logo, kills, loss, efficiency, kill / loss pages

- Added :  All missing weapon images (specials, destroyers, modules destroyers)

- Added :  New premium ships in the database and image data.

- Added:   Self Destructed people when under agression are now considered as a kill an visible on the killboard with a red sign : (SD)






Check it out:

- Corp détails :

- Pilot détails :


So we are not far from the end, I still need to add weapons details / desc and ship details / desc. I will need to feed to database then make the corresponding pages.

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Hello dear community, 


Sorry I did't updated that topic since a while, I made a small pause of 2 week in my developments to have to time to play! (it's also not the only one service that I code/maintain). However I continued and added a lot in the killboard lately. It's not cosmetic visible but all intern to improve the killboard experience. Bug fix and performance improvement have been top noch of my priorities.


Version 1.0.8p <-- (p) Public version

  • Added: Memcached support for 100% of the SQL requests, refresh on kill insertion.
  • Added: Registration system using OpenLDAP with heavy encryption password SHA-512
  • Added: Password regen system after a link request to the registered email
  • Added: Groups and Rights associated
  • Added: 'Moderators' level have the rights to delete any wrong kills / duplicate in case, also to grant any roles if asked by the Corp CEO after manual verification. (Moderators will be wisely chosen)
  • Added: 'Corp CEO', have the rights to upload logs to be analyzed, set registered members as 'Corp Members', set registered members as 'Corp Director' and delegate the 'Corp CEO' role to any other members of the corporation.
  • Added: 'Corp Director', have the rights to upload logs to be analyzed, set registered members as 'Corp Members', set standing level to other corps.
  • Added: 'Corp Members', have the rights to upload logs to be analyzed.
  • Added: Any members added in corp member is now ingame checked, if the pilot is not a corp member access will be refused
  • Added: Standing board as been merged into the killboard for 'Corp CEO' and 'Corp Director' access level to set relationship of the corporation
  • Improved: Standings are now added with the kill to keep the standing history of the moment.
  • Improved: Regex as been substantially improved for less CPU / memory usage ~30% gain
  • Fixed: Self destruction on module aggression are now count as a kill (fairplay is not an option)
  • Fixed: Standings are now set on Corp Name and not on tag anymore. (because thanks Stargen, you can create a corp without tag...)
  • Fixed: Mutilple fuctions has been improved and fixed.

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