Please bring back free ressurection of teammates in PvE

Removal need for duplicators in PvE  

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  1. 1. Do you want to remove the need for duplicators when resurrecting teammate in PvE

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Do you want to remove the need for duplicators when resurrecting yourself in PvE

    • Yes
    • No

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its rather usual to have stages in game modes like this

(even if i personally do not like to pve in SC, i complete each new pve at least once)

vanduul swarm e.g. has 2 respawns each, and a free respawn everytime you clear a boss level.

however, these games you play for the challenge. there it makes sense. you stay in the game, while others are trying or failing the next boss, even if you are out of personal respawns.

also, there is no reward, as there is no progression. currently. there is one achievement unlock however.

in conflict pve completing means progression rewards, failing means lost time. with strangers, staying makes less sense. the challenge is over once you did it once.

then it transforms into a farming opportunity. it leads to abortion of the process with experience. like in pvp, either you can do it efficiently, or you need more experience.

getting to this efficiency means reducing farming time. such a meta change is unavoidable in any game. you get to the "endgame" of it, and your new objective is reduced time.

well except its your first and only "daily" game - all in all i like the concept conflict is using for pve.

i can see why coming to a good solution is therefore hard: it is supposed to be an investment question, it depends very much how much duplicators are worth, to analyze the wide behaviour of players.

giving everybody 1 free respawn basicly just does that: it moves the same decision one death further.

i think, respawning others should be the one which is cheaper, to make groups interact more. simply also, because respawning each other creates dynamic challenges and impacts the game pace. it cant be rewarded, as that would be abused.

respawning others could be simply free.

respawning others should be simply free.

respawning yourself therefore just helps your helpers to save their time. you rather spend things for a common cause, than a stranger. it transforms the duplicator of being an investment to being an opportunity to kindness.

duplicators mainly remain an openspace item no matter how the system works, as investing duplicators into pve will never have the same value.

people like me who play pve every aeon, will be the only ones wasting duplicators to respawn, as i dont care about them, and i dont lead the dance, and just dont want to be the reason why it fails.

so i see really little which contradicts free respawning for group mates - in pure pve. maybe not in spec ops - or at least not the large ones, like defiler - definitely not in os.

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Yes I do. But I do respect some ppl ingsme. You for example so if I see som1 like that there I try to do something.

Well, thanks for that :)

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