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I got it too, it took forever next stop Reaper see you 2 and a quarter forever later, meanwhile i took it to a camouflage practice  

How to play star conflict as a  French:  

Happy New year everyone!! Which you all a nice year full of happiness!!!

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On 2/16/2018 at 1:40 PM, Hunt3r01 said:

Someone asked me about my Vigilant build so here it is. (Hope it is enough)



PvE build? Cause as I see your setup is neither a true damage dealer build, nor a hull tank with resistances and healing ability. I don't get your choice of shield modifiers either. The single engine slot seems to be wasted as well. I see a whole lot of hull volume though. With a good engi support it could work... not sure.

But I am not an empire and especially not a Vigilant pilot. I don't think I have flown with it ten times total. So I'm just curious how it serves you.    

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It soaks up A TON of damage and the internal stabilizers compensate for the 'low' damage it does.

And I only use it for defensive scenarios, and I use my Sirius for attack (one speedy boi).

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