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There was this poll about the reasons for the indifference toward SecCon among STEEL members. Well, these are my thoughts:


We can not gather pilots at needed time

Yes. It is a major issue in our corporation.

  • We usually have plenty of rank 7+ players online at around active SecCon sessions so battle times seem to be okay.

Our problem is the lack of interest and the time it takes to capture a sector and the time it needs to keep it. It is fine that sectors require more time and determination from players but when there are so many other things to do in order to keep up with events, progress and resource management, most of us prefer other modes instead of dreads. This mode does not fit into our daily schedule. When we have to decide on what to spend time, dreads are always the last on the list.

Although, the current system is still the best so far because it is faster and simpler than it was before.

  • I would suggest including dreads into daily progress missions to increase interest in this mode. Quick dread missions for quick cash.


Don't like the matchmaking system in this mode

Yes, definitely.

  • Yes, because we mostly get strong and well-coordinated enemies. I do understand why this happens (low team counts, mostly the experienced play it, etc.) but other players with less hours and experience in this mode see only defeat after defeat with close to none reward. No joy, no more playing, no experience, no competition. (Positive reinforcement needed.. see ‘operant conditioning’)

This is exactly what happened to Sunday Tournaments. There used to be a quite acceptable balance with many teams (the average I counted during main battle times were well over 150 teams… that’s a lot of players) and we’ve had lots of fun battles and even got rewarded for it. We argued after lost battles over tactics, equipment, etc. So, we were passionate about it in game and on forum. Lately, anyone who plays tourneys just wants to get it done as a habit that no one knows why they do. I am sure that many played mostly for the GS. Since it’s been changed to iridium it is even less compelling. But, before reward changes, tourney MM has already become conspicuously different. Strong teams haven’t been matched with each other but random and weak teams had to face full experienced groups or corporate teams right in their first match. This’s been going ever since. Now weaker groups (and even strong ones) don’t make wings to avoid being matched versus tough enemies. Numbers halved and since reward change I see only third, quarter as many teams.

  • My suggestion for a general SecCon MM:

1.    Add a few more SecCon battle sessions. Or put the factions into rotation like Defiler and Destroyer in Spec Ops so sectors in each faction would be open with regular breaks.

2.    Remove distinctive times for each location. All of the locations should be available for attack during any battle session, or, if it works in rotation as suggested above, all locations within a faction should be in the same session.     

3.    Limit one session to 1 hour. Any of the open locations should be available to fight for through the whole one hour session.

4.    Have 3 levels that players could enter battles with: r7-9, r10-12, r13-15

5.    Remove level specification of the locations. Let players collect influence points in any sector/location with ships of any of the three rank levels.

6.    Players/teams fighting with higher rank levels should get more reward and should collect more influence points for their corporation. 

7.    Put all the players from one rank level into the same MMing pool. E.g. rank 7-9 should play against other r7-9 teams exclusively.

8.    Remove the priority of teams fighting for the same location.

9.    Give each individual player special statistics based on their performance in dreads which MM could use for sorting players in SecCon.

(By removing different battle times within a sector/faction and also removing rank restrictions of the locations it would not be necessary to constantly move dreadnoughts. Corporate officers would not be needed for attack management if a dreadnought is deployed.) 


Also add the followings:

  • SecCon battle among custom battles:

1.    Add dreads to custom battles that would allow wings/squads choose opponents and fight in dreads mode during featured special events like GM hunt. Dreads with its special battle mechanics not being part of any of the featured events is a pity.   

2.    Custom battle rules, rank levels, etc. could stay the same.




Special dread mode based on the form of SCL:

1.    Organized full corporate players only wings would be matched.

2.    Separated from regular SecCon.

3.    Available during a very few battle sessions daily. Times may differ from regular sessions.

4.    Influence points and special rewards may also be given.

5.    Teams would be created beforehand and system should add the corporation’s tag to it.

6.    Team assembling has no time limit as in SCL. Corporation membership, time spent in corporation (min. one day), rank and wing size are the main parameters. 

7.    Special achievements and leaderboard recognition also added.

8.    Rank level and general rules apply. 




Both, in custom battles and SCL style.


Active pilots more interested in another parts of the game


  • This game mode is separated from events, daily progress and resource management. Voucher and iridium rewards for an average corp wing are not enough to make most of us spend as much time as this mode requires especially when the outcome is likely a loss. There are no daily or weekly missions, tasks related to dreads. This mode doesn’t really fit into the maximum rank requirement for other tasks either. To newer players SecCon does not worth the time. Neither to vets and active SecCon players if they can’t play enough to get a sector. To veterans participating is mostly a question of prestige and fun (if balanced) or at least it could be but for that they need to get other players involved. And training new players for certain modes takes a lot of time.
  • It should be part of our daily/weekly tasks (team tasks for xenocrystals don’t seem to be effective) that would encourage everyone to play at least one battle daily for special rewards or faster progress.


Dreadnought development is too slow and boring

No and yes.

  • To me (and to many SecCon fans I think) development is not boring. Many changes that happened to SecCon were major reworks. These take time I understand.
  • A few new features would be nice to have sometimes though. New weapons, devices, etc. And more influence over our dread’s performance and its specifications. Especially since there is an obvious push in dread upgrading. It would also be much better if dreads had been closely integrated into the Open Word mode. Other than these, mechanics, design and the mode in general are just fine.


However, there is a disappointing clumsiness in the handling of certain aspects of the game: 

  • Development is too slow in a certain way, yes. Not content wise. It’s rather the way this mode’s been handled that made many of us disappointed, if not disgusted.

SecCon has a long history of development surrounded by anticipation, enthusiasm, and excitement. During this time it has gained some really bad reputation if not the worst when it comes to abusing game mechanics. Most players were immune to these due to their lack of interest in this mode. SecCon enthusiasts and veterans, however, were another story.

To me SecCon got destroyed within a few days after building our own dread. Though we’ve been doing attacks with our members from time to time my activity extended merely to my helping in other’s sector defense battles until I stopped playing or promoting it almost completely. It took us a few days to figure out the system and see who abuses it and how. I even took part of this on request after seeing otherwise fair players being pushed into abusing the game. There were talks about this nonsense. Still, nothing was done about it for at least a year and that solution was very far from pleasing (which, I think, would not have happened for some more time if evidence hadn’t got to YouTube)

Then of course there came a rework of launching process after like another half year or so, which was nice but the damage has been done and trust has gone.

  • Core problems like this should be resolved ASAP or they will send a negative message to players about the game and they fast turn away from it. Bugs and errors in contents don’t make so much damage. A bad or no response to a crucial problem does. Trust once lost cannot be fully regained. But even a failure can be turned into a success if a fast and honest response and a full resolution follows.


Don't like the actual format of battles in this mode


  • I have never considered not liking it and haven’t heard others hating the battle format itself either.


The rewards are not motivating enough


  • Again. Not necessarily the amount but the reward type that may matter. If it would add more to the plyers’ progress in event then it would be better.  


Everything valuable is in the hands of strong corporations, so what's the point to take a part?

Yes, but I don’t think it’s a major issue.

  • This will always be the case of course and it sure may drive a few players away. An easy solution would be the equal reward for all of the locations.



Bottom line is: there are no enough players interested in this game mode due to several factors adding up.


Corporation aspect needs more attention from devs because corps are the best tools for training new players (unlike the mentoring system), bringing players together, creating competition, etc. Veteran players and corp leaders do a lot of work of these time consuming chores. But without effective help from dev side it won't work the way it should. And if a SecCon pusher within a corp loses interest then an entire corp may not play this mode (see STEEL:). Missions for corps, a closely integrated SecCon into events, better rewarding and a reworked MMer system are the main issues waiting for resolution. Then new contents may follow.   


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Guys. This is the end...


It's been three years I joined SC and I think it is time to take a break now.


Thank you all for everything... for all the good and bad.


I won't forget you... maybe just won't remember.


Wish you all the best.






P.S.: I will check back onto my forum acc from time to time so PM me for any reason if you like.  



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Nice, really useful ship since ellydium showed up :)


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