Guided Torpedo sound glitch (sound still heard after torpedo destruction)

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Short and sufficient bug report:


When I launch a guided torpedo on my Long Range Torpedo Frigate and if my missile will get destroyed by missile defence (Guard's module), I will still hear the sound of the torpedo!

The sound will eventually end, like it would when a torpedo would self-destruct at 10000 meters.


How to replicate this bug?


There are 2 ways.


Enter PvE scenario (Captured Dreadnought scenario) with Ira Deus or Mauler and launch a guided torpedo. It will instantly get destroyed by missile defence bot (Anaconda).


Custom match: Combat Recon, modified match. One Captain is a Guard frigate, the other one is a Torpedo frigate. Launch a torpedo, while Guard activates his missile defence module.

Can be done in less than 3-4 minutes.

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