chat doesn't work

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hi guys , 

the chat in my corporation[Tricolore Italia] doesn't work  becouse we can see only what we write and not the other.

we can't talk amongst ourselves.

I dont know if it is a problem for other corporation or other player  but already yesterday didn't work when we do the dread battle.

ps sorry for my inaccuracies ,but if you want more information I try do answer.


thanks Daddu23



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Hello Daddu,


Are you talking about the teamSpeak channel or the in-game voice chat ?

no it's an ingame issue.


Yesterday, i was speaking to my corp mate and im like, wth why isn't he responding. I whisper, use group chat, and corp chat. But nothing works. So we just play like 30 mins of him saying nothing. Then, he leaves the squad randomly and im like wow what's up with this? So i logged out and logged in again and then he could see my messages.


Others have this issue too.


As my friend Aelemental put it, "I just relog until it 'takes'" 

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