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Do we get a peek at chu in battle?

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Good day! yes ammunitions are definitely included.

I am not looking forward to ECMs system hacking LRF mines out from under me.   I'm also not looking forward to the Waki AE having 15 seconds of beacon denial time. Also capping under covert ops/LRF

ah, an interesting remark, that makes me kinda reply, even if this gets a bit off topic...  

I just logged in via ARC and downloaded a new update, so now on 1.1.4b 70942. After loading the display language is Russian, or at least it's displayong in Cyrillic text. Is anybody else having the same problem?

For me it's fine, but I am using Steam's version, not ARC.

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Same, for me...client, all text in game is in Cyrillic...i use non Steam client and it did an update today when lauched...A fix for this is available, Devs?


*The update bring implicitly first, Russian language not English as before....that's why it need to be selected English language in client.

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Late to the party...

Yeah, it doesn't work so well when the prime game type that you are basing your advertising strategy around is restricted to very limited timezones, requires players to do a ludicrous amount of resource investment and planning/recruiting, and then results in mostly no-show victories with 90% of players never even seeing the dreadnoughts in action.

The funny thing is if i remember correctly when the Dreadnoughts were announced you actually predicted the drop in players after the Dreadnoughts would be out for a while and told people not to get to hyped and people told you to stop being ''negative''.

Since the majoritiy of the players uses the non steam version, this screen is not representative.

Sooooo how many players use the non Steam version? Just a rough number would already be nice to know.

Yes we don't have 300000 players for now, but your number is the way too low and far from reality, although i understand that u named it roughly.

Just to add on top of the above quote, if Gaijin/Star Gem has these statistics could you please share them with the community? I personally would LOVE to know what the average player count is per day (not just peak times).

People stay, leave good reviews about our game.

Well looking at the previous posts i'm somewhat lost to what Gaijin/Star Gem their actual opinion is about Steam, but if you look at some of the Steam reviews for SC, there are actually less negative reviews then positive reviews, but on the flipside users who have played the game can also vote for reviews if they agree with it or not and the negative reviews have higher ratings then pretty much all the positive reviews (just putting it in perspective).

I will suggest it, but it was of part of game interface restructing. Monitoring the amount of pilots was drawing away the players' attention from playing the game so we decided to eliminate it.

This is why i would really like to see some actual statistics, maybe it's just my natural pessimistic personality, but this just seems like such a vague PR answer to me. You honestly want to tell me that there was such a big percentage of players just glaring at the player counter that it actually made the wait times so much worse that the player counter had to be removed. :015j: 

PS: I don't know for anyone else, but i myself haven't really noticed getting faster into matches for a looooooooooong time, so it seems removing it really didn't help all that much.

PPS: Also as other people have suggested, why not just put the player counter somewhere hidden in the options or bind it to a F key like F11 shows the ping, location, etc.

Even so, this game should have at least 30000 players, to make it worthwhile!
I can bet, that we are nowhere near that number. I think that 24-hour peak average now is around 2000 players with Gaijin and Steam launcher included.
If you wish to deny this, you can implement population and tier counter back into the game.
Why hide something, which can only improve our experience?
Matter of resources? No. Concealment from the facts? Yes!

In fact, we are losing players faster, than getting new ones.
Even if not, the problem is, that we don't know how to keep them more than a week or two, before they leave for good!

The thing is people like Aliskosan and other employees who have to communicate with the community are probably under some sort of NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), which means they can only give out information to a certain extent. So hopefully everything that is being said is the truth, but to be honest the pessimist/realist inside of me is saying that you're post is probably closer to the truth.

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