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I bet you set the "Unicum" lower level just so i'm not in it !!!   You'll pay for that !   :006j:

It's just a separated indicator as all the stats. We all know that stats needs to be globaly readed to have an idea of the level of a player  :-) We are atm working on a formula to create something t

20 hours ago, Silmerias1 said:

The + Ratio is the engineer heal point you made to allies in games.

Cap Ratio is the capture point you made in capture mode.

It is not only to allies, it is also to you and somehow my 2nd acc where I was never flying engie has a 2.16 Heal Ration and my main where I flew more often Engies has a 0.25 Heal Ration. to me it looks like they have changed something in they way you get the heal point or so since every newer Account has a way higher Heal Ratio then an older, even old more or less Engie only Players have a lower Heal Ratio then new Player.

You new ER system looks Ok and Takamina still has his 10k+ points xD.

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Hello, we are working for a similar tool: SC IT4LY Player Statistics

I have two questions to ask:

  • Which equation was used to calculate:"Cap Ratio"? ( isn't It better {Cap Ratio =  totalVpDmgDone / gamePlayed;} ?)

  • What's the meaning of: "Var"  and then is it a pure number or a percentage?

"100 totalVpDmgDone" = "1 Capture" in capture mode?

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