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Cargo slots and loot in invasion.

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Hi guys.

OK, recently we had those shiny craftable ships and the salvage system.

Salvage came out to resolve a problem : the hight resources cost and low loot in invasion.

But with that salvage system, is really discourage players to use invasion in order to get those resources.

Invasion's loot give 4 thing :

- Credits

- Loyalty Vouchers

- Artifacts

- Random resources.

The problem come with the 4th loot : it's clearly inferior in reward compared to the 2 others.

It's not hard to find 100k credit. And between 100k credits and a metal blank (or something else), the choice is easy : Credits! Because you can spend them on salvage mk2 items.

And vouchers or artifacts are rare enough to be preferred over those resources.

The real problem comes with the fact that crafting items take 1 cargo slot and that you loot them only one by one.

So here's my suggestion :

- When picking a material that you already have in your cargo's ship, they stack under the same slot.

- Increase the looting system so it don't give only 1 material but a random number between 1 and 4 of the same material.

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I agree with you about the low resource drop (increasing the amount of materials dropped by each cargo slot, related with higher rank sectors). The xD

BTW invasion is important for blueprints.

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please use one thread for one suggestion


ressources are cheaper than the similar "buying"


the amount of cargoslots have already raised a discussion here and have been forwarded do Devs

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