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A Guide to Resistances

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3 hours ago, Lord_Xenon said:

The points from 0% resistance --> 50% resistance give you the same benefit as the way from 50% resistance --> 75% resistance.
You invest in both cases the same amount of points AND get the same benefit.
Regen mod vs. resistance is a different approach as you need to evaluate your investment.
For inty mildly useful it's more or less a waste on frigates+.
Resistance is in most cases the king.


2 hours ago, Swifter43021 said:

Lots of health = Better take resist mod. 

Lots of resistance = Go for heal mod. 


Actually it's a bit better to stack resistances (+ survival kit) because there is something called engi.

Alright! Thanks! That cleared the air! Got to remod again

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22 minutes ago, Battlecruiser_NA said:

I thought this was straightforward enough to understand. Why don't you get a job instead of doing this with your free time?

You are welcome

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