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Mini Game Space/Galaxy Scanner in Hanger

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Add a Space/Glaxy scanner Button in Hanger. It will open a new Scanner window which will allow you to scan Deep Space for precious/ rare items while you're in Hanger.


Wait, the so called new technology space/galaxy scanner is developed with a huge numbers of scientists ,resources and time. So...  :01414:

It'll cost you 100 GS per scan/click. You can overload scanner with maximum 5 scans per click (which will cost 400 GS)


But everyday in Log in Bonus you'll get one FREE scan attempt from each Station.



  • Credits
  • Loyality vouchers
  • Artifacts
  • Upgrade kits
  • Crafting raw materials
  • Ammo(craftable)
  • non-craftable mk5 Ammo
  • Premium Missiles
  • Unique stickers
  • Alien mono crystals
  • blueprints (mk5 and mk6 ? LOL)
  • modules slots for craftable ships

Now some players can do something while wait in queue time.


more the item is rare have very less chance to obtain as they are very rare in universe  :01414: 

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there is already a scanne available as a CPU modifier


Does this not suit your needs?

Its a mini-Game so dont get wrong with name. I hope you read full post.


you can play this mini game while your only in hanger, lets say waiting in mm queue.


And every players will get one Free Scan attempt in each Hanger station or different for each day in Log-in bonus, So this will be another good reason for them to change Hangers.

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