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Eta's Star Conflict Web Log Analyzer   Hello pilots ! I always have been shy on forum, programming in the shadow, but today I am proud to release my Star Conflict log analyzer ! This is a web inte

Well, it is  :012j:

Read the bold part in either his or my instructions. We made it bold because it's important. ;)

Oh this part is a bit complex.

First you need to know your resistances, to do so go have to search in your star conflict setting and display ship details to "full".

Then select a game (it is better to chose a battle with many players) in the log analyzer.

Then write manually your resistances in the tool.

Finally hit the first button "optimize using damage taken and resistances".


You will obtain the best balance of resistance you could have with the same total resistance points.

The problem of this tool is that each battle is different from another so the result you will see will vary.

It a good way to see if your resistances was good for a battle but no so efficient to build a perfect ship.

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That is true, but this tool has given me a glimpse into what a typical match will have for the ship I am flying (style of game play).


If players are preferring to use thermal weapons then I can increase my odds of success by gearing for it.

If I'm careful about ship engagement ranges; I may find that my ships that engage in close quarters get more thermal while my long range get more kinetic.


Anyway, more information and appreciated.


A question about the tool; can it distinguish between Shield and Hull resistance and damage?

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