how to finish processing rig mision

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First time you need to know is to aim and evade enemy fire and if you are overwellmed by enemy try to run,recharge then go and finish your mision.

To say more detailed on mision1/3 Start with Fighter if already is one fregate in your team and use singularity weapon,focus only on cargo ships,if u kill 5 of them u win if u kill 4 you loose,if u kill all 6 much better

On mision 2/3 use interceptor with pulse lasers,or rifle,i can say this one is the most dificult from all 3,u have to evade Flack Type 2 cannons and spin beside Misle Launcher,if u rotate enaugh fast you can evade dmg from them and kill launchers without beeing destroyed,pay attention to Flak Type cannons,they do mass dmg,u have to use those buildings or ram your ship by it,it can save u from enemy fire.If its ur first time on this type of mision,try to find all Misle Launchers position and after that on your 2nd time attemp try to destroy them and evade as much as posible enemy fire:Dont fight with Enemy Ships NPCS,they will come in pack of 5 and if u destroy them other 5 will come on and on....

On 3/3 mision is not much to say,just protect ur 3 cargos against enemy ships npcs,they need to get to warp to telleport and after all 3 was succed to go in that warp you finish the mision.

Note:If you stay and fight with enemy ships and forget about this new patch and npcs high dmg output you will fail baddly and repairs on your ships will make u broke.


Sry it all i can say for this moment,if you know much detailed guide pls tell it here

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the easiest way to successfully achieve all PvE missions is to get a corp.


They help and guide you through all missions


Good luck

A necro to the necro? o.O

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