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Map №15 - The Singularity

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Yeah, the small protostars (actually, Error, what the heck are those?!). That's an interesting concept as well... Slingshotting could be the alternative to using warp gates. You'd have to:


Swing close enough to the centre, but not so close you are held back by the gravity well.

Cut off your engines, swing around

Pop on the afterburners and pray to God you've done it right

Accelerate to ~1000ms pretty much instantaneously


That's... not how gravitational slings work. You can't have more speed at the same distance than the one you had on the other side. It's only a sling if the object you sling around is actually moving and with it's pull it gives you actual energy. Otherwise it's not a sling, just a 4D halfpipe.


Otherwise, this is a very-very nice idea. Love it, the map looks nice too (enough cover, enough everything). Here I don't even have any concern about being too 2D, these rotating objects tend to create discs.


Edit: nevermind :(

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