[NA]sound stoped working all togeather

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i hade my game muted not to long befor the sever down time i come back on to try to unmute it and it will not work my sound is completely muted witch makes me completely disorented in battle wtf is with this a day after i bye a ship i am running in to problems i get is in beta but to have to unistall and reinstall 5 times now is geting little old this is not the frist time  its happon if you have you game muted and dont un muted when you log out it will stay that way some times you log and it fixes its self most of the time not i am not the onyl one with this problem eather if you could plzz fix this i would be gratfull to have to stop unistalling and reinstalling it that like a 1 hour task with these updates not being added to the base download

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