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please add RTS metagame

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Remember this old gem back in 2000?

I would LOVE to see something like this again.




FYI, you could pick up:

  • tanks, (good against ground targets) to which would fire at other units as you carried them!
  • anti air vehicles
  • repair tank that could fix EVERYTHING, including you as you carry them!
  • unarmed troopers to save as mission objectives, between 3-5 depending on ship size
  • power modules, to power stationary turrets

Add a game mode called LAST STAND and then all of a sudden, positioning your little AI buddies becomes as important as the equipment you use.

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Uh... I'd say that's not really a good idea for the following reasons:


1. Currently the developers are struggling just to make the regular core gameplay satisfying and complete, so splitting their attention further is inadvisable.


2. This seems like a niche' game style. I can't really see a wide demand for this from the community, especially if it becomes a required element of gameplay like the loot-search system.


3. The concept doesn't really seem to fit well into what Star Conflict is about. Namely, flying around and shooting other players in real-time.


Now I could be wrong, but I'd let the dev's polish the core game first and get the community back before adding fluff like this.

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