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Really enjoying the game!


I'm sure there have been some PVP suggestions, but i haven't seen one for an organized ladder.

I know Corp vs Corp has been mentioned, but rather than have it equate to the overall PVP score. Which is cool, but essentially makes a squad that wants to move up in rank feel they have to recruit more and more people. Like the 150 members on some rosters.


When PVP is a point of emphasis, i think a couple of different Ladders would be awesome! Have a full 10vs10 (or however many) for objective games maybe, a smaller ladder maybe just for Realistic or scaled down smaller scale games and a 1v1 Dual Ladder, maybe with a specific map.


Im not sure if it's a direction you guys were planning on, but I think a hard ladder that would shows w/l and report immediate results and skill standing would be neat and fuel the competition down the road when there's an established player base.


Thanks for reading!

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