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  1. fix it

    Bonus points if the enemy team has ellydium ships, as they will just "appear" next to the captain whenever it pleases them. Its impossible to anticipate the arrival of a ship, when it just teleports next to him. Its also these ships, that have access to the highest damage output in the game, which makes the defense of the captain an even more frustrating and borderline pointless endeavor. This works both ways: If the enemy captain has access to a jump crystal taikin, then you'll be pretty much unable to harm him, unless he is incredible stupid and/or overextending. Meanwhile, many combat recon games just end up in a few taikins that fail to kill each other.
  2. Because they didn't figure out yet how to give a guard three times the tank of a Vigilant and an instakill 5k range Pulsar without making the OP-ness too obvious.
  3. Good thing that this gun is useless. They should nerf every single Twer'kin weapon to the point of near useless! People will eventually get frustrated and stop using that constantly blinking, cloaking piece of sh*t. /rantmode_off That weapon might be a bit weak, but it can still render tackler cloak useless and wreck stuff below r9, except those few Jerichos with multipurpose shield. But Twer'kin has other sources of dps for that, like inhibitor crystal. :/
  4. explosions? EXPLOSIONS!!!
  5. That and blowing sh*t up with phaser bubbles
  6. It's also very fun to spawn in range of a laser vigilant. Best 0.01 seconds of gameplay ever!
  7. If you squint really hard, then you will notice that these tiny squares at the bottom of the screen are actually the new UI.
  8. It will convert a third of the received hull damage into shield.
  9. You have a Tyrant, right? My experience with playing my Tyrant is that destroyers are pretty darn OP
  10. They only removed blueprints from the drops to prevent you from getting gs out of selling them. And 5 ammo is something that I still consider to be a crap drop.
  11. Getting into close proximity is 90% of the time suicide, since the blaster turret / retar'du combo wil literally stop any fighter in one hit and lock it into position.
  12. I suggest the introduction of three new faction specific weapons: Empire: Frigate weapon: Charged Laser: Long range laser cannon with limited rate of fire (similar to pulse laser, but lower rate of fire and no spread). Thermal damage. The beam would be red-purple-ish. Damage: 2000 per pulse (each is 0.6 sec long) Rate of fire: 37 pulses/min Range: 5000 Crit chance: 5% Crit damage: 50% Overheating/Cooling: 8/3.5 sec Federation: Interceptor weapon: Plasma Flamethrower: Short range area of effect weapon. EM damage. Can pass through objects. Hit enemy ships receive 500dps for 3 sec. The flame would be green-blue-ish. Dps: 2500dmg/sec Rate of fire: 60/min (continuous flame) Range: 1000m 'Projectile' speed: 1200m/s Crit chance: 5% Crit damage: 75% Overheating/Cooling: 2,5/0.8 sec Jericho: Fighter weapon: Bolt Driver: Weapon capable of charging multiple projectiles. Kinetic damage. Weapon fires fully automatic. Seizing to fire will charge the weapon. Once the weapon is charged, it will release a short, high rate of fire burst, when the trigger is pressed again. The duration of the burst is determined by the time the weapon had to charge. The projectiles would look similar to the ones of the Termoreactive Weapon, but significantly smaller. Damage pet shot: 1500 Rate of fire (full auto): 80/min Rate of fire (burst): 500/min Maximum burst size: 4 shots Burst charge replenishment: 1 charge every second Range: 3500m Projectile speed: 6000m/s Crit chance: 7% Crit damage: 60% Overheating/Cooling: 10/3 sec
  13. I suggest three new faction specific passive modifiers: Empire: New capacitor modifier: Harmonic Amplifier: Increases main weapon damage from 3% - 15% depending on the weapon's heat level Federation: New hull modifier: Dispersive Hull: Restores 1 point of shield charge for every 3 points of hull damage Jericho: New CPU modifier: Precision Fire Controller: Reduces rate of fire by 10% while increasing critical damage and chance by 20%
  14. I suggest to increase certain stats of the original three factions according to that factions doctrine in order to increase their viability versus ellydium: The following bonuses may apply to all non-destroyer ships of a faction: Empire: Damage of all thermal weapons is increased by 7% Hull volume is increased by 10% Hull resistance to collisions is increased by 50%, collision damage to enemy ships is increased by 30% Speed is increased by 10% Weapon range increased by 15% Federation: Projectile speed of all EM weapons is increased by 20% Manouverability, strafe speed and acceleration is increased by 7% Speed increased by 10% Afterburner energy draw is reduced by 10% Module cooldown reduced by 15%. Jericho: Shield regeneration increased by 40% Shield resists to all damage increased by 10 points Projectile speed of kinetic weapons increased by 20%. Missile damage and reload speed increased by 20% Speed increased by 10% These changes would provide more uniqueness for the original factions while also giving them more chances to stand up to the ellydium threat. Discuss!
  15. It would be nice, if elly was just a slightly slower and more tanky version if the federation with hull regen and self damage. Sadly, it was introduced to have 4 additional passives, jericho level shields with massive regeneration, empire level hull with massive regeneration and massively more mobility than federation, while self damage is pretty much non-existent. Also weapons that deal up to 4 times the dps of other factions. Because 'balance' and 50 quit dlc.
  16. You also forgot to add tailal missile launcher. Infinite missile spam without the slightest need to aim. Also allows you to do hardcore evasive manouvers without loosing any dps.
  17. Couldn't agree more
  19. I suggest the following: Instead of increasing the shield volume by 17%, the Multipurpose Shield should increase the shield's resistances to all damage by 25pts. This should be done due to the lack of a modifier, that increases all shield resistances without being dependant on movement. This is especially important for less manouverable or long range Jericho ships, as Federation ships are usually more focused on speed in the first place and thus can make better use of Adaptive Shields. Alternatively, the Reinforced Shield modifier of the Endavour could be available for all ships. Sidenote: Such a modifier is also needed, because the current Taikin and Gravilens spam disables Adaptive Shields way too often.