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  1. Why ship just go to previous point in Quantum Leap? Jump to previous point is more harmonic with other Tai'kin special modules.
  2. Why interceptors capture the beacons so fast? Always interceptors are the best choice to beacon modes, they are fast, they have high capture speed... I suppose frigates need capture the beacons more fast than interceptors because they are slow.
  3. What modifiers do you use in your Ronin?
  4. I post this to confront the stereotype. "The red faction belongs to red zone of galaxy..." The blue faction belongs to blue zone of galaxy..."
  5. Just my contribution for new ancient ships.
  6. Why we can't change ship design? I want "crystal hunger" special module but i would like "condensing crystals" ship design.
  7. All ranks against all ranks. Every player just go to R15.
  8. Why we don't have Ellydium Crew? I suppose scientist crew.
  9. Teletransporte every ship to every location ignoring every obstacle?! Weapon with ultra high damage and follows target too?!
  10. Why we can't damage modules like destroyers modules? Not destroy the module but reduce parameters.
  11. Ancient Ships Suggestion. Pls comment.
  12. Thanks man. Vulcan is my favorite frigate weapon.
  13. Why we can't have missile main weapons? Very effectiveness against fast ships.
  14. Already in game we have 3 damage types, Kinetic, EM, Thermal. Plans for new damage type? Something like Corrosive/Chemical damage type?
  15. Why maximum Rank for destroyers is R14? They receive R15 crew implant?
  16. Of course, but I really appreciate see Vulcan with zero spread in a veteran hands. You could use projectile speed implant and Ronin projectile speed.
  17. Why Collision damage is not kinetic damage? I supposed collision and bullet impact the same thing.
  18. Why drones don't have shield? Beacon drones, Trackler drones, Engineering drones, Ellydium drones, they don't have shield.
  19. Would like to see Ronin uses Vulcan with zero spread.
  20. Why we can't see overheat visual effects? Ammo reload make much more sense.
  21. Why only federation drones protects the beacons? I capture the beacon with cartel ship, but beacon don't produces cartel drones (Phoenix drones).
  22. Why Ellydium ships have common explosion? Alien ships like Predator or Hunter explodes in a green blast.
  23. Why we can't collect debris in PvP? Something like hull buff or ammo.
  24. Proportional balanced. Tai'kin clearly is not.
  25. Need upgrade ship synergy level but i want use another ship. I can't.
  26. Why we can't maximize shield in front of the ship? Really useful feature for veteran players.
  27. Galaxy Map Suggestion. Pls comment.