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  1. We need a universal equation. It's hard compare modules. 6 guns for LRFs is too much, in a veterans hands, can do more damage than guard modules. We need a proportional balancing.
  2. Buff LRFs?! Are you seriously?! They already have 50% more damage than others frigates.
  3. They don't need to create something new every time. The old school modules work well. Something like alien version of old engineering modules, maybe 50% more effective.
  4. You misunderstood my question. I want to know if i can use other additional bonus (only one) with "weapon upgrade 1".
  5. Of course, lasers is the best choice to kill fast targets (sarcasm).
  6. Missile shield. Only work when enemy drones activated. Why don't work when drones surrounding enemy ship, that's ridiculous.
  7. Gravi-wave. Looks like a guard module, it doesn't fit to engineering module.
  8. Weapons. We need one effective weapon against fast targets and one effective weapon against heavy targets. Secondary effect not really necessary (remember, this is a weapon). I just use my positron cannons in my Waz'Got, you created weapons that no one wants.
  9. Scavenger drones. Should be remove self damage when activated. I just take a certain distance to repair close allies or deals damage to close enemies, this take time and because this, i don't use in some situations. Aproximity mortar don't have this problem. I don't think it's a bug but fix this.
  10. Try to kill a good interceptor pilot with lasers.
  11. Alien satellites. Only rushes to allies, (sorrounding ally ship) repair and deals damage to nearest enemies. Should be rushes to enemies, (surrounding enemy ship) deals damage and repair nearest allies.